Friday, March 13, 2009


All I can say is Thank Goodness It's Friday! It has been one long week, especially without John home. It's been a little over a month since John has had such a long TDY so I can't really complain, but having him gone for the entire week can be long and boring (for me anyway). Needless to say I'm looking forward to having him home tonight and am quite glad that he'll be home a couple of hours earlier than originally planned (8 instead of 10).

I'm also thankful that today was Mom's Morning Out! I put both of the boys in this week as I knew I could definitely use the break. I was able to clean the house this week (and keep it clean) -- so today I got to chillax! A little coffee, mani/pedi and a trip to the bead shop -- whoohoo! I almost felt like a new woman!

I did have a couple of interesting conversations today during that MMO time. I spent almost the first hour of MMO chitchatting with Miss Kim (one of the teachers in Luke's room). It was encouraging to see her excitement and joy to see Luke today (she hinted that he's her favorite). It was funny to hear her say that her teenage daughters always look forward to hearing her stories of Luke on the MMO days. It definitely delights my heart to hear how someone loves Luke and so enjoys being around him -- especially when he's been whining and cranky at home! He was my little lover today though. Luke joined me in bed this morning covering me with kisses, licks and a little tickle-time. What a sweetie

When I was getting my mani/pedi I was surprised to hear a young lady chitchatting next to me mention that she lives in Plano. How random! We ended up talking for a good 30 minutes about our time in Plano, the ministries we were involved in before either of us got married (she worked for Women of Faith), finding good churches, and of course all things mommy!

Now I'm counting down the minutes until John comes home. I still need to toss Luke into the bath and put him to bed -- but it's nice to know that Daddy will be able to help me out with the bed-time routine for a little while before his next trip!

Here are a few fun pics of the boys from the week with Mommy:

He's trying so hard to crawl! He pushes back on all 4's and manages to scoot backwards or rotate -- no forward movement yet.

Luke was quite willing to "help" Mommy with the dusting. I am not quite sure where he ended up putting the feather duster though...hmm...

He was even eager to do the vacuuming!

Mommy's new discovery -- kiddo hangs out in the sink while I finish getting ready for the day -- and he's tickled pink about it!
What's up with this?

BTW -- Paden turned 7 months this past Monday. Time sure does fly by while you're having fun!

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Joy said...

The boys are adorable and I know how nice it is to have your hubby home! I have something for you - only been working on it for about a year now but should have it in the mail this week!