Thursday, March 5, 2009

Polka Dots

We have struggled for a long time in keeping Luke's skin blemish free. Often it seems like a losing battle. We have seen the pediatrician, a dermatologist and now an allergist to see what we can do about the never ending cycle of eczema and polka dots that covers his milky skin. I tend to also forget that the "winter" season tends to create more havoc on his skin. But we did go ahead and start the allergy testing to see if foods or other substances are irritating him. Looks like there are several things that bother this little dude: cats, dogs (great, what to do about Bailee!), peanuts, tree nuts (almonds), egg whites, soy (poor dude loves edamame), and tomatoes. We're going to take a break mostly from eggs and tomatoes and see what that does...but man, what a struggle for a little guy who loves salsa, barbecue sauce with his french fries, ketchup on his hot dogs, and all other "dips" that are made with tomatoes! Here's hoping we will be able to post a picture of a little boy with nice, clear skin! (Before and after pics to come later -- hopefully) Oh -- and we carry an EpiPen with us wherever we go now -- swell!

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