Monday, March 2, 2009

Tag You're It!

For 4 weeks we were lucky to have the grandmas visit! It was certainly a tag-team effort on their part and ours with these active boys of ours! It was certainly an entertaining and crazy time. It seems that the boys "know" when grandma is here because their sleep patterns are completely thrown off (I believe because they want to play) and their antics are non-stop! Luke certainly picks up various new phrases from both Grandma Mimi (Char) and Grandma Ferne. Let's see what we here often from his little mouth..."Uh, oh sghetti oh", "I did it!", "chilly wompus", and much, much more! Paden started to roll over and "scoot" some on the floor, as well as work on his two new teeth (what a pain!). Never a dull moment in this house, and the boys certainly enjoyed sharing all those moments with the grandmas! Now let's see if they want to come back to help out so John and I can go to Hawaii...

Here are some pics that were taken over those 4 weeks, thanks to the grandmas and their cameras!

Food induced coma

What a smile!

Laughter fills the house! Auntie Paula and Grams with our funny boys.

Several generations (minus the mommy) -- Paden, Auntie Paula, Grams, Grandma Mimi (Char) and Luke

One content little baby with Grandma Mimi

Peek-a-boo! I see you!

Questionable maybe, but he was trying to get his fruit treat from Mommy. One persistant little boy!


Luke sharing his slide with Baby P

Mommy and Baby P

Sunday morning actually finds us all "dressed up"

Daddy and Luke feeding the birds at Pollywog Park

Our Lukadelic!

A happy Paden (before the teething really began!)

"Music Machine"

Trying to get the pic to look like Luke's turned out okay...

My sweet boys

Grandma Ferne and her grandsons

Is he cute or what?!

He's pretty cute too!

Okay, so there's a lot of pictures...but it's nice to have some help with taking pictures. I made one comment to Ferne about never having anyone take my picture with my boys, and now I have lots! Thanks for humoring us!

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