Sunday, March 29, 2009

A is for Azusa

On Mondays you can usually find the boys and I scampering around the house in our pj's taking it easy as we recover from the weekend. If we head out -- it's usually just to the park or in our driveway to burn off some left over energy. However this past Monday found us in Azusa instead! Grams lives in Azusa (my grandma) and it had been probably since early February when the boys and I made it out there last -- so it was about time for a little "road trip." Thankfully the "road trip" is only 45-minutes (on a good LA traffic day). The "kids" (my 4 cousins) were visiting during their spring break, so instead of Grams' and my usual trip to Flappy Jack's for brunch, we loaded up the kids with a picnic and headed off to the neighborhood park. It was so nice to have young blood chase my boys around while Grams and I chatted and got caught up. It was "one of those days" with Luke so I was more than ready to have someone else entertain him. We all certainly had a good time and of course it was a beautiful Southern California day!

The girls "introduced" Luke to those hot Cheeto-things...

...he turned out not to be a big fan of them!

Grams and Paden

Hannah & Tabitha taking turns with Paden

Can you believe her? She's 80 and nothing stops her from sliding with the grandkid (Rebekah) and great-grandkid

Uncle John loved how Luke and Peanuts were the same size! (I do believe the dog is heavier than Luke though!) (And how ironic is this? Luke is allergic to peanuts and dogs -- but he's okay hanging out with Peanuts!)

Guess who's taller?

This visit was certainly a "God-thing." I was about to back-out (it was one of those mornings with Luke) but Grams and the kids were really looking forward to us coming out. We did end up having lots of fun and the boys did great, even slept all the way home. But the most awesome part of the day was my opportunity to have a "sit down and come to Jesus" with my uncle John. God had been weighing my heart with a desire to just encourage him...and the time finally came. I think John cornered me and kept me talking for almost an hour after our park time. God does work in mysterious ways.

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Amy Kilpatrick said...

She is adorable! I hope I will be as active as she is at 80!