Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Last night John and I spent a quiet evening reading after we put the boys to bed. As I was reading my Parents' magazine I realized how screwed Luke is! Sorry kiddo but from some of the articles I was reading between your genes and the moldy house we lived in the first year-and-a-half of your life you don't have much hope when it comes to allergies. It seems that children who are exposed to mold seem to have a higher allergy and asthma rate. That was proof last night when our poor little boy's face was red and his eyes were giving us that "allergy look." We have been working so hard to watch his food allergies and clearing up his eczema and after two days of playing outside it seems that the allergic reactions are coming back. Bummer!

And then I was reading an article about night terrors - and sure enough those can also have a genetic touch. Mommy is always having dream-filled nights, and now it seems little dude is starting to experience the same. The last three nights we have been abruptly shaken out of our dream world with a crying little boy. Poor baby! One night even found him in our bed after the 3rd "night terror."

So see, the kid has no chance! Night terrors and allergies...just a few of the "fun" things Luke gets to experience.

One fun note I was putting Luke down for his afternoon nap he started to sing. The little dude was singing "Jesus Loves Me" while using hand signs! How cute was that?!! I wish I could have caught him on video -- but I will remember this one for a while! Thanks to the awesome ladies at church for teaching him this sweet song!

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