Monday, March 2, 2009

Paden's Dedication

On February 8th we were able to participate in Journey's Baby Dedication Sunday. For John and I we just saw this as a "formality" and a "coming out" for Paden. One of the sweet things that we have done with both boys is give them to the Lord within hours after they were born as we were in the hospital. John and I both know that we are so incredibly blessed to be parents to these little boys that there is no way we can do this on our own without the Lord. So, within mere hours of their birth we surrender our babies and ourselves to the Lord.

As for our church's baby dedication...standing before our church family and asking for their prayer support and making the vow to raise our child to love and serve our God, is not just a "formality" -- it's a step of faith. I believe all parents can attest the fact that it is not easy to raise children, as many of us know we weren't easy children to raise. We can only hope that we're doing the best for our little ones, but the best way we can do that is to surrender all to God and rely on Him alone.

So on the 8th we, along with our friends the Mills, made that step of faith. Of course it came with a lot of laughs (especially towards Luke whom the pastor said will be a "lively" preacher one day!).

Pastor Glen, Paden, Kristen, John and Grandma Mimi (I think Luke was off flirting with Bailey at the time)

Paden and Pastor Glen Martin

Jonny, Denise, Bailey and Laken Mills

Luke was more interested in "flirting" with his friend Bailey and making cool "thud" noises as he jumped up and down on the stage. Oy!

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