Sunday, March 29, 2009

One Last Thing...

6 years ago yesterday (Sat. the 28th) John asked me to marry him. It is so hard for us to fathom that we had just begun this journey only 6 years ago. But yes...6 years ago...

...I almost didn't let him come to Dallas for the weekend.
...I told my sister that if he asked me to marry him I'd say "no".
...I was late picking him up at the airport.
...we ran through Chick-fil-a, Bass Pro, and the Gap with a "strange tension" in the air.
...we were alone in my apartment as I was packing my bag to spend the weekend at my parents'.
...I walk into my bedroom and find John holding something in his hand.
...I looked closely and realized that it was a diamond ring he was holding as he took to his knee.
...I fell to my knees asking "Did you talk to my Dad?" "Are you serious?" "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!"
...I said "yes"!

John -- I still say "Yes"! Every day I say "Yes"! I love you. Thank you for asking me to marry you.


Joy said...

So sweet!!!

Amy Kilpatrick said...

Awww, Kristen, that is the cutest thing! Isn't it funny how quickly us women change our minds?!?