Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Catching Up

I've been wanting to sit down and catch up but it always seems that time slips by and my e-mails and blogs are ignored or postponed for "another time." Another time? What the heck is that? My days don't know time, just "time to wake up" (usually because one of the boys has decided to wake up before the world does), "time to eat" (Luke pilfering the snack basket), "play time", "nap time" (oh please, oh please go to sleep!), "bath time", "dinner time", and "bed time" (you're tired, please go to sleep!). Needless to say, Mommy and Daddy don't have much time for "fun" things let alone time to catch up on the computer.

So a few things to catch up on:
1. John is home! You may ask "what and why?" -- but John seems to travel non-stop these days...now he's home for 5 weeks! Yes, 5 weeks peeps! He's taking a class out here (Air Force style) so no travels for 5 weeks! Yeah!
2. Cranky, cranky, cranky -- that seems to be the theme both boys pull on us! I would believe with the amount of drool coming out of both of their mouths means we should be expecting some teeth soon.
3. Sleep? What's that? -- we've had some rough sleep spots. The biggie being both boys seem to know when Daddy is gone, therefore they wake up during the night, a lot! Luke wants to join Mommy in bed and Paden, well let's just say he wakes up a lot! We're currently working on Lil P...we'll see if we can make some changes in his sleep -- we can only hope!
4. New friends and good-byes -- we made some new friends this past summer (all of our kids are the same ages!) and some of them we've had to say "good bye" to. The Barfields packed up their family and household and moved on to Colorado. Luke often mentions Sydney and Miss Trisha, but always follows with a pensive look and "Colorado" -- he knows! Thankfully we've filled our time and play with the Mills family -- often with Luke in tears as he has to leave Bailey and Miss Denise for nap time.

That's about it. I'll follow this diatribe with some pics of our fun!

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