Tuesday, January 20, 2009

From Toilet Bowl to Kitchen Sink

Surprise, Surprise...Paden loves baths!!! This kid is becoming a baby of routine, and one of those "routine moments" in his day is the evening bath. We threw out the plastic baby tub and tossed the kid into the kitchen sink (with a little padding of course!) and he couldn't be happier than when he's in there. He quickly becomes unhappy with us when the water is turned off. All I can say is "water baby much?"! So for all you wise-cracks out there, those early jokes of the kid being born and falling into the toilet...add this to your plumber jokes!

By the way -- the kiddo started cereal last Saturday. He is our big eater in the family without a doubt! So far an easy transition -- accompanied with a big mess! Followed with a bath -- of course!

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