Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Concealer and Caffeine

The two things most moms need are concealer and caffeine. I can't seem to make it through a day without these two must-haves! Some days start too early and I have to load up on both -- today being one of those. Why is it that little boys who refuse to take naps, want to go to bed early, and then wake up multiple times in a night, still want to wake up at 6:00 a.m.? Insane! I love these two little ones, and they are awfully fun in the mornings, but Mommy needs more sleep! I can only load up on so much caffeine and concealer in one day!

By the way, Luke has found that concealer is also a must-have. He has now made two attempts to "brighten" his eyes! LOL Check it out!

This was Luke's first attempt at mascara on his own -- he looks more like a hockey player (if he was missing a few teeth it would be even better)! (He got into Mommy's make-up while she was visiting with Mimi and Poppie in October.)

Here is Luke's most recent attempt at using make-up. The kid amazingly got the mascara on his eyelashes and the blusher/bronzer on his cheeks (and chest). (This time he got into Grandma Mimi's make-up while Mommy and Mimi were cleaning or with Baby P.)

Needless to say, this kiddo watches Mommy putting on her make-up a little too often. If this continues he may be heading off to the ranch with Daddy and Uncle Mike to get a little "man time" in!

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manda said...

haha he sure is talented