Friday, March 18, 2011


20 months after our family left California, John and I were FINALLY able to return for a weekend trip. The weekend was filled with spending time with our dear family and friends, a half marathon, lots of food and laughter, and short nights of sleep. Unfortunately we were so busy just being with everyone that I didn't take any pictures. Here are a few of the moments I remembered to pull out the camera...

Loving on Abigail Hart...Addy's BFF!

Enjoying a stroll along The Strand.

Only in Huntington Beach California do they start a half-marathon with old woody cars and surfboards!

John ran a GREAT time...1:23:14. I completely missed him at the finish line he was so quick!

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Krista and David Hart said...

Yay! We loved your visit! Now it's time for us to plan another!!! Too bad Abigail didn't smile for the camera :)