Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Paden!

It's hard to imagine that it has been a year now that we've had Paden join our family (August 9th). Of course at this point in my blogging I'm at least 2 weeks off from that day of celebration -- surprise, surprise!

We kept P's day pretty low-key. Grandma Mimi (Char), who was in town for a couple of weeks to help us finish with our unpacking and decorating, and Mr. Eric (MackDad) joined us for lunch. Even though it was just the 6 of us I still spent hours preparing and ordering just the "right" items for our lunch and working on the cupcakes. A momma has to go all out for her babies, right?! We opted for a firetruck themed lunch -- of course! Hats, balloons, tattoos, and fireman-ducks all covered our table. I found some awesome cupcakes on the web and of course had to copy them myself...and I'm rather pleased with how they turned out too (it only took me 2 days to bake the cupcakes, make the gum-paste firetrucks and whip up the frosting)!

A few "notes" about my precious Baby P: easy to smile (except when he's teething), adores his Daddy, follows big brother around, has the sweetest personality and disposition, eats like there's no tomorrow, loves to play with big boy toys, started walking the day before his birthday, climbs all over the furniture and whatever he can find to use as "steps", cries when he gets the tiniest boo-boos, looks a lot like his Daddy (is a perfect match to John's baby pics), doesn't like it when Luke tells him "no", and so much more!

My heart is filled with joy and love for this little dude! Happy Birthday My Precious Boy!

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