Sunday, June 7, 2009

2 Months Overdue...April Part 2

Here's a continuation of April...

* A Day Out With Thomas The Train! OMG! What an exciting day we had with the boys! John took the Friday off (April 17th) and we all drove up to Filmore, CA (northwest of LA) to enjoy a ride with Thomas and everything you could possibly imagine that was Thomas-related. I think I was more excited to see Luke's reaction when he saw the life-size Thomas than he was when he actually saw him! Of course we didn't tell Luke what we were doing or who we were going to see, he is certainly a kid of the moment. I believe he truly enjoyed his day seeing Sir Topham Hat, riding Thomas (only a 25-minute ride), jumping in the bounce-house, eating hot dogs and snow cones and everything else! Paden was such a trooper too, they both passed out in the car beautifully on the way home! John and I were certainly pleased with ourselves and the wonderful day we had as a family.

Luke's first ink!

Seeing Thomas roll in to the station -- too cool!

Family pic with Thomas

Boarding the train


Mommy and Paden chillin' out during the ride

Isn't it cool how they even decorated the inside of the train?!

Enjoying the view along the way.

My happy boys!

Mommy and Paden enjoying the shade on this beautiful CA day.

One cool dude (new Thomas sunglasses)!

And he's out!

So is Paden! A nice quiet ride home for Mommy and Daddy!

* Paden's 3rd and 4th teeth made their debut (along with him pulling up to his feet and lots of vocalizations)!
This never happens! Luke passed out on the couch one afternoon before nap time, watching basketball with Daddy too! I think John's feelings were a little hurt that the little dude couldn't hang with the basketball game! Ha!

Paden loves hanging onto the baby gate and rockin' it like a crazy kid!

Playing with Luke's "old" activity table -- still interests the big kid too!

One very early morning...

Yummy Cheerios!

* We have a new nephew!! Kade Gordon Mizell joined proud parents Mike and Dawn and the rest of the Mizell clan on April 22nd. We can't wait to see him during our time in Austin in July!

And that wraps up April! Tune in for May's update and pictures!

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