Sunday, June 7, 2009

2 Months Overdue

I haven't let myself blog because I have so many other things on my "to do list" that I saved this as my "prize" for getting them done. Needless to say I haven't gotten anything done and it's now been over two months since I've caught you up on our family.

I'll try to do a brief synopsis of these last two months with a few pics as well:

* April 3-6 found Grandma Ferne and Grandpa Walt visiting as they made their way to Australia. We filled that time with Paden's first swim lesson (and a refresher for Luke), an awesome Children's Museum in Pasadena, and of course plenty of play time.

* John sold his Trooper to our friends David and Krista -- that was one sad day for both Daddy and Luke!

* April 8th found Denise and I at the Aquarium of the Pacific with the kids, all by ourselves! Whew! What a fun and crazy outing...the things we do to entertain ourselves when we don't have our church activities for the week!

* We spent Easter Sunday with our good friends the Mills and Sidro. It was a small gathering, with lots of food and plenty of colorful plastic eggs (no candy for these kiddos!).

So that was the first half of are a few pics...

Paden and Daddy after a cool swim.

Luke swimming under the tube...he certainly liked all the attention.

Tons of things to climb and jump off of at Kidspace Museum.

Oooohhh...what do we see?

One brave little lizard...didn't run away from the curious little boy and his momma!

Water, water everywhere!

Paden was one patient little dude while Luke explored Kidspace.

Run, boy, run!

Luke loved reading the Texas Magazine with Grandpa Walt!

Luke's last drive in Daddy's truck.

So Sad...goodbye Gonzo!

Our little crawler...loves to explore the entire house on hands and knees!

Anything in here for me to play with?

Hide and Seek -- Luke's favorite post-bath game.

What a face!

Bailey and Luke trying to pet the rays -- can you see Denise holding onto Luke's pants to keep him from falling in?! :)

Luke truly loving the "wet zone" -- and it was a perfectly warm day for playing in the water.

Paden and Laken hanging out while Luke and Bailey get soaked.

Not a dry spot on his body!

Two little's this going to work?

Bailey, Luke, John, Paden, Jonny and Laken...ready for an egg hunt!

Bailey and Luke ready to find some eggs to put in their big buckets.

Here's another one!

Paden and Daddy watching the older kids in action.

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