Sunday, October 26, 2008

A New Adventure...Blogging!

After seeing so many friends' blogs -- I have decided to enter this blogging world. Maybe I can stay on top of this more frequently than my once a month postings on the kids' website. Plus, so much happens on a day-to-day basis with these crazy kids of ours...this crazy life of ours...that I would hate to "forget" what happens.

Right now the boys and I are in Texas visiting with the grandparents and Aunt Kiki. We have prolonged our visit for an additional week, and I think we are all beginning to question the decision in that one. Luke has been insane, and I don't say that lightly, and really pushing his limits. I don't know if there is something in the air (literally) or what...but it hasn't been too much fun. There have been some fun moments though...we took the boys to the Dallas Zoo on Saturday and saw a kid who was more enamored with the space to run, the bronze sculptured animals and the costumed zoo workers. It was a beautiful day topped with happy boys, no naps, and a "yucky" left on the bed (apparently Luke doesn't like having poopie diapers these days...emptied the diaper right on his bed during "nap time"! fun, fun!).

We miss John. He's holding down the fort back at home with Bailee and keeping busy with work (as usual). We're looking forward to seeing him next Saturday when we return home.

Oh, we found out that John was picked up for school (ACSC) and we'll be moving to Montgomery, Alabama next summer. Wheee! What a change from the beach living we've enjoyed these past few years. Maybe I should start therapy now...

PS I'll try to share pictures when we get back home to our own computer.

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