Monday, March 29, 2010

Road Trip!

John recently had a much needed Spring Break -- it was a LONG time coming for all of us! It was a great week of hanging out in Montgomery for a few days, just enjoying our home and time together as a family...but we also hit the road! We had so much fun with our friends David and Krista in Atlanta back in February that we decided to go back! We hit up the same hotel (the Embassy Suites in Buckhead certainly was a nice treat) as we knew we were within walking distance of the MARTA (Atlanta's metro), Trader Joe's, and a great selection of restaurants and shops.

Back in February we toured Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium...this time we hit up CNN and Zoo Atlanta. Of course it was marathon/half-marathon weekend so we had a few crowds to work around...but it was all so much fun!

CNN was a pretty cool experience. John and I don't find ourselves watching network nor cable news much, but we really enjoyed seeing the inner-workings of CNN. The building was HUGE, bright and very colorful. We took the 55-minute walking tour and were thankful for a fun, patient Kimberly (our tour guide) who used our boys and distracted them at the same time. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any pictures during the if you ever find yourself in Atlanta one day, take the time and check out the tour yourself!

Had a very hard time telling this big boy NOT to touch the Humvee!

Saturday was such a beautiful day that we decided to hit up Zoo Atlanta. What we didn't realize was that half of Atlanta's families had decided to do the same! They happened to have their "Marathon" 1-mile family walk and 5K AT THE ZOO! Say what?! So we joined the post-race crowds and enjoyed the many animals and rides. At times we were tempted to leave our own little monkeys in the exhibits...but we would miss them so!

We wrapped up a great weekend in Atlanta with John running the half-marathon on Sunday morning. Now mind you, it was a race that began at downtown Atlanta...on a dreary morning...there was no way on God's green Earth I was dragging two little boys to the race! John did GREAT even without our cheering him on...that man certainly has skills!

Atlanta makes for one AWESOME road trip for the Mizells!

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