Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Attempts at "Fun Times in Montgomery"

I've had several people say that they figured from my tone of voice and such that I'm not a big fan of Montgomery. I would have to say that they are correct. Big time. This is not an easy place for me to live and it doesn't help that it has been very difficult for John at school. BUT, we're trying to make the best of this year. So I decided to share some of the "crazy fun" that we have shared with the boys this past month.

1. We draw pretty pictures for Daddy.

2. We eat spaghetti.

3. We read LOTS of books.

4. We take bike rides with our new, cool bike trailer.

5. We attempt potty training -- which isn't working.

6. Mommy bakes like a "mad woman" for Luke's classroom -- isn't that what a "Room Mom" is supposed to do?

7. We just "hang out" -- and sometimes let everything hang out as well!

8. We fingerpaint!!!

8b. And make a huge mess in the process!

8c. Cute, but messy boy #1.

8d. Cute and messy boy #2.

9. We fall asleep in places other than our beds.

10. We cuddle with our brother!

11. We explore new parks on chilly October days.



Joy said...

I know that park in picture 11 - one of our favorites! I'm so sorry you're not really enjoying Montgomery. I didn't mind the place but our year there wasn't one of our "best" either.

Elissa said...

Great pictures! The boys look like they are getting to such a fun stage.